Russia will destroy itself - Professor Sandor of Uzhgorod University

Russia will destroy itself – Professor Sandor of Uzhgorod University

Professor of Uzhhorod National University, a fighter of the Transcarpathian brigade of the TRO, which is located in Kharkiv region, Fedir Sandor, told about this on Espresso.

“Actually, my part is 2.5 km from the Russian border. We can clearly see what is happening there with binoculars. There are moments when we need to do the Confucian way – let go of the information they give through their mass media channels. They themselves scare, it is a specific enemy – it will destroy itself. Unfortunately, it is big and long. A big corpse rots for a long time,” Sandor said.

According to him, we see the consequences of the fall of the empire in Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as in Ukraine.

“In the future, we will show this example to everyone else. We must hold on so that with a great mass of unity we support that block with the help of the whole world and throw it in the other direction. We have preserved our society, our Ukrainian cultural identity, our DNA and we will survive it. We still have a lot more to do after victory,” the professor concluded.

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