Russian aviation dropped KABs on the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region – Ukrainian news, Regional news


On Saturday, September 2, Russia once again launched an air strike on the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region, resulting in deaths and injuries. About it reported head of the Kherson regional military administration Alexander Prokudin.

According to the OVA, the occupiers fired guided bombs at Odradokamenka and hit private houses. A 43-year-old man suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Another person was hospitalized in serious condition, and doctors are fighting for his life. A 57-year-old man was also injured and suffered multiple shrapnel wounds.

A number of houses in the village were damaged due to the impact, Prokudin added.

  • The occupiers regularly strike Kherson and the regionโ€™s settlements liberated from the Russian army, using artillery, mortars, MLRS, drones and aircraft.
  • On August 29, in the Kherson region, three people died as a result of an explosion on Russian mines.
  • On September 1, the invaders once again launched a mortar attack on Kherson, resulting in the death of a man.

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