Russian channels stopped working in Kherson - OK "Pivden"

Russian channels stopped working in Kherson – OK “Pivden”

Russian propaganda channels stopped working in occupied Kherson.  Instead, they catch Ukrainian waves. Illustrative photoPhoto –

Russian TV channels stopped broadcasting in temporarily occupied Kherson.

This was announced by the speaker of OC “South” Vladyslav Nazarov in Telegram.

“Propaganda TV channels in temporarily occupied Kherson stopped broadcasting”he wrote.

According to him, it happened a week ago. Instead, “Suspilne” on 92.00FM began to be caught in the captured city.

It will be recalled that in Kherson, the occupiers sent messages to subscribers of mobile operators of the Russian Federation with a warning about the alleged preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for mass shelling and with an appeal to leave the right-bank part of the city as soon as possible.

Also in Kherson, the Russian military is robbing people’s homes and looking for those who did not “evacuate”.

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Source: Russian channels stopped working in Kherson – OK “Pivden”

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