Russian drones fly to Ukrainian cities on the Danube, air raid alert in Odessa region – Ukrainian news, Politics


Ukrainian cities and towns in the south of the Odessa region, probably along the left bank of the Danube, are once again in danger of being attacked by Russian-Iranian Shahed-136/Geran-2 drones. As of early September 7, kamikaze drones they fly from the side of temporarily occupied Crimea in this direction.

Explosions occurred in Sumy shortly after midnight, the cause of which is unknown.

This is the fourth attack in the last five days on the Danube region: the “martyrdom” raids took place on the third, fourth and sixth of September.

On the evening of September 6, monitoring of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported about the launch of several groups of UAVs. Anonymous monitoring channels added that this allegedly happened from Cape Chauda in the southeast of Crimea.

00:34. A group of UAVs from the Black Sea is advancing in the direction Izmail district.

Simultaneously alarm in the Sumy region, where unidentified drones are also recorded enemy.

00:38. Public writes about the explosions in Sumy. Perhaps these are the exits of air defense missiles, local residents write in their public pages.

The news is being updated…

While there is no new information, watch the video of the operation of the Gepard installation against “martyrs” and their wreckage “Don’t take…I”, and photos of Russian Tu-95MS missile carriers under tires.

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REFERENCE. After exit RF from the grain deal in mid-July 2023, the Russian army destroys ports and granaries in the Odessa region with missiles and drones. After Ukraine began exporting more grain through the Danube ports to Romania, Izmail and Reni are frequent targets for the occupiers. To resume the deal, the occupiers want one of their banks, as well as fertilizer manufacturing companies in the Russian Federation, to be excluded from sanctions. The Turkish President said that Ukraine should supposedly soften its conditions, but the Foreign Ministry responded that there would be no concessions to the enemy. According to forecasts, no matter what, Ukraine will collect in 2023 more grainthan last year.

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