Russian fakes for January 19

Russian fakes for January 19

This is reported by Espresso.TV.

According to the CPD at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, on January 19, the Russians launched three major deceptions.

Fake: Kherson collaborator V. Saldo stated that “in Soledar, the Wagnerites practically destroyed the 61st brigade, which with pathos, under video recordings, entered empty Kherson. Fighting the Russians turned out to be more difficult than recording pseudo-heroic video reports.”

Such information is not true.

Manipulation: The spokesman of the President of the Russian Federation, D. Peskov, said: “The sooner Ukraine declares its readiness to accept the demands of the Russian side, the sooner the conflict on Ukrainian territory will be resolved, and the people will be able to start a full recovery of the country.”

Manipulation: Commenting on the words of the spokesperson of the US Foreign Ministry, N. Price, regarding the possibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike on the territory of Crimea with the use of American weapons, the Russian Ambassador to the USA Antonov said: “The US State Department, with its words about Crimea, is, in fact, pushing the Ukrainian authorities to commit terrorist acts in Russia.”

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