Russian fakes for October 21

Russian fakes for October 21

This is reported by Espresso.TV.

According to the CPD at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, on October 21, the Russians launched three major deceptions.

Misinformation: During the demonstration of Belarusian drones to the President of Belarus O. Lukashenka, he stated: “It is undesirable, of course, that our samples [техніки] fought in Ukraine: after all, their own people”.

Manipulation: Luhansk collaborator R. Miroshnyk stated that “any international mission initiated by Kyiv to the Kakhovskaya HPP will be deliberately biased and politicized, and Kyiv and NATO will certainly prepare a provocation if an international mission is directed to the Kakhovskaya HPP.”

Misinformation: Despite the message of the head of the energy agency that “Russia has forever lost its main European oil and gas market and will face a drop in production”, the Russian media claim that the Russian Federation is implementing several projects to reorient energy exports to the East, which will replace the lost markets.

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