Russian fakes for September 6

Russian fakes for September 6

This is reported by Espresso.TV.

According to the CPD at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, on September 6, the Russians launched three major deceptions.

Fake: The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated: “Ukrainian military fired three projectiles at the Zaporizhzhia NPP during the day, one hit the roof of the 1st special corps, the second – near the transition between the 1st special corps and the 2nd power unit, the third exploded near the distilled water tanks near the 2 of the power unit”.

Misinformation: The collaborator-“head” of the TOT of the Zaporizhia region, V. Rogov, stated that “the IAEA delegation turned a blind eye to the situation with shelling of the ZNPP from the side of Ukraine and shied away from their duties, and the demilitarization of the station… will only lead to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will occupy it.”

At the same time, Rogov stated that “the IAEA is not the truth of the last resort in terms of transparency.”

Misinformation: The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, A. Volgarov, stated: “in Ukraine, persecution is used by the Ukrainian special services to fight dissent – since 2014, in the territory of the Donbas controlled by the Kyiv regime, arbitrary detention has become a practice.”

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