Russian hackers are trying to disrupt distance education in Melitopol

Russian hackers are trying to disrupt distance education in Melitopol

The Russians are trying to block Ukrainian distance learning in Melitopol. Invaders carry out hacker attacks on the city’s education sites.

About it on the air of the national telethon reported Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov.

«They are trying to block distance learning that we have started for our children. They are trying to hack our servers and put our platform where 14,000 kids are learning online every day. But they do not succeed“, he said.

It is worth noting that the occupiers are using five schools in the city as military bases and barracks. In schools, the military bypasses school classes, does not let children outside during breaks and completely controls the educational process.

«Children often hear swearing between teachers and soldiers, and at every break they only hear the Russian national anthemFedorov added.

According to the mayor, this shows that the main task of the invaders is not education, but propaganda. Meanwhile, the number of people willing to study remotely using the Ukrainian program is increasing.

It was previously reported that despite the pressure and threats of the occupiers, 900 first-graders enrolled in Ukrainian schools in the temporarily captured Melitopol, and another 14,000 children will continue their studies remotely.

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