Russian invaders probably use Zaporizhia NPP for deployment of heavy weapons

Russian invaders probably use Zaporizhia NPP for deployment of heavy weapons

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) has explained what the Russian invaders are probably using the territory of Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) for.

“Today the Russian occupation forces use the largest nuclear power plant in Europe as a military base to shell Ukrainians, knowing that the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot and will not fire back, since in this case there is a high probability of hitting the nuclear reactor or highly radioactive waste in storage,” it said in a statement on Facebook.

The center recalled that since March 4 Zaporizhia NPP and the city of Enerhodar have been occupied by the Russian troops, turning the machine room of the first power unit of the plant into a military facility, where there are about 500 Russian soldiers, heavy weapons, tanks and explosives.

“The entire arsenal of imported heavy weapons with ammunition is currently located in the same premises with the equipment that ensures the operation of the turbine generator. The military equipment of the invaders made it impossible for specialized fire and other equipment to enter the engine room of the first power unit, which increases the risk of fire and makes extinguishing extremely problematic,” it said.

Also, the NPP is completely out of control of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Additionally, shelling attacks on Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region, using Grad systems from the territory around the NPP and Enerhodar have been recorded. Casualties, damage to houses, industrial enterprises and a hospital have been reported as a result of the attacks.

Also, the center believes that “the Russian troops use Zaporizhia NPP to increase fear in Europe of the possibility of a nuclear catastrophe and reduce the desire of the western countries to provide military assistance for the Ukrainian counteroffensive.”


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