Russian invaders will be the first to feel Ramstein's non-public decisions - Reznikov - news ukraine, Politics

Russian invaders will be the first to feel Ramstein’s non-public decisions – Reznikov – news ukraine, Politics

Minister of Defense Alexey Reznikov spoke about the results of the sixth meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, known as the “Ramstein format” and stressed that the Russian occupiers will be the first to know about a number of decisions that were not reported to the public – they will feel the consequences of these decisions. The Minister of Defense wrote about this in Facebook.

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“The non-public details of the discussions should be the first to be felt by the Russian invaders. We have created surprises for them more than once. This tradition should be preserved,” Reznikov wrote.

  • October 5 head of faction Servant of the people David Arahamia said that in the United States there is a debate about ATACMS for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but there are alternatives – a little less than 300 km.
  • On October 7, the Wall Street Journal wrote that the Ukrainian authorities are not abandoning their attempts to convince Washington that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need ATACMS ballistic missiles for HIMARS launchers, citing as an argument that it is necessary to destroy the base in Crimea to launch Iranian drones.
  • On October 12, CNN published a new list of weapons that Ukraine wants from the West: air defense, missile systems and more.

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