Russian lieutenant fled to Lithuania and asked for political asylum so as not to get to Ukraine – Ukrainian news, World


Lieutenant of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Ivan Korolev illegally crossed the border of Lithuania, was detained and asked for political asylum, because he “did not want to take part in a bloody war” against Ukraine. This is reported BBC Russian service.

According to the publication, Korolev managed to cross the border of Lithuania, reached Vilnius and on August 10 was detained by operatives of the Lithuanian border service. After his arrest, he was returned to the border checkpoint, from where he was able to contact a BBC journalist.

According to him, Korolev “decided to leave the Russian Federation due to the fact that he did not want to take part in the bloody war” that his state unleashed.

According to the BBC, Korolev served in the military unit of the Joint Strategic Command of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation, which is regularly deployed in the village of Teysin, Khabarovsk Territory. According to him, he acted as “Deputy Head of the Accounting and Operations Department of the Field Artillery Depot”, was a participant in Russia’s “special military operation” against Ukraine, but did not leave Russian territory and was engaged in ensuring the distribution of ammunition for front-line units.

The BBC emphasizes that it does not have confirmation of this information.

Korolyov’s application for asylum has been accepted by the Lithuanian authorities, and he will await the results of his consideration at the migration center.

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