Russian marines lost hundreds of people in 4 days in Donbas - mass media

Russian marines lost hundreds of people in 4 days in Donbas – mass media

Russian marines in Donetsk region suffered heavy losses.  Within 4 days, the Armed Forces eliminated hundreds of occupiers. Illustrative photoPhoto –

Servicemen from the 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation complained to the Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako that they lost hundreds of people near the village of Pavlivka in Donetsk region.

About this reports Russian publication “Meduza”.

The full text of the letter from the occupiers to the governor was published in one of the Russian Telegram channels. The “military correspondent” of the propaganda VDTRK Oleksandr Sladkov, the former adviser to the head of the State Duma Anastasia Kashevarova, as well as other Russian sources who support the war against Ukraine, told about the complaint.

The publication cannot prove the authenticity of the text of the letter. Sladkov and Koshevarova also did not publish the data on the losses and the names listed in the document.

In the letter, the Russian marines stated that they had lost “about 300 people killed, wounded and missing” during the “inexplicable attack” on the village of Pavlivka near Vugledar in Donetsk region over the course of 4 days.

The authors of the letter stated that General Muradov and his compatriot Akhmedov, who are their commanders, planned the offensive so that Muradov would “earn bonuses” in front of the Chief of the General Staff, and Akhmedov would receive the title of “Hero of Russia.”

“They will sneeze at everything to show themselves. They call people meat”the letter says.

We will remind, on November 5, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed another 490 invaders, and since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian Federation has lost almost 76 thousand of its soldiers.

Also on Sunday, November 6, Ukrainian defenders in the Kherson region destroyed a warehouse with ammunition of the Russian army.

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Source: Russian marines lost hundreds of people in 4 days in Donbas – mass media

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