Russian sniper kills 10-year-old girl in Kharkiv region – police - Ukraine news, Politics

Russian sniper kills 10-year-old girl in Kharkiv region – police – Ukraine news, Politics

On February 25, in the village of Novy Burluk in the Kharkiv region, a Russian army sniper fired at a civilian car, killing a 10-year-old girl and injuring her grandparents. About this today, October 22, reported press service of the National Police.

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They said that on February 25, grandfather, together with his granddaughter, went to the store to pick up his grandmother. At this time, a Russian sniper fired at their car. The bullet hit the child and went through. While transporting a wounded girl to a medical facility in Chuguev, their car came under fire again. The girl died, the grandfather and grandmother were injured.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the village of Novy Burluk fell under the occupation of the enemy, the police said. According to local residents, the soldiers of the Russian army behaved defiantly – they settled in the homes of citizens, took away cars, took away livestock, food, looted and killed.

According to the grandfather of the deceased Nikolai Kivshar, before the war, a 10-year-old girl lived in Kharkov with her parents. The child was moved to the village because they thought it would be safer there.

The man carried the body of the child in his arms to the nearest village. First, he buried his granddaughter in the courtyard of his own house, and then reburied him in the cemetery, police said.

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