Russian troops hit a kindergarten in Kherson, one is injured


illustrative photophoto by Kherson OVA

Russian occupiers shelled Kherson with artillery on Wednesday afternoon, August 9. The kindergarten was attacked by the enemy.

This was reported by Kherson OVA in Telegram.

“Russian artillery set fire to kindergartens in Kherson. As a result of the shelling, a 75-year-old locksmith received minor injuries”the message says.

According to OVA, he is being provided with the necessary medical assistance.

It should be noted that in the morning, OVA reported that Russian troops had carried out 66 shellings in the Kherson region in the previous day. The enemy fired 365 shells from mortars, artillery, Grads, tanks, UAVs and aviation. Two people were injured.

The Institute for the Study of War reported in its report that Ukrainian fighters probably raided across the Dnipro River and landed on the eastern bank of the Kherson region. The Ministry of Defense did not confirm this information and urged to trust only official sources and emphasized.

It will be recalled that the total losses of the Russian army are already 251,620 people. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense calculated the losses of the Russians for the past week.

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Source: Russian troops hit a kindergarten in Kherson, one is injured


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