Russians are recruiting students from Africa for the war against

Russians are recruiting students from Africa for the war against Ukraine – mass media

Russian invaders are recruiting students from Africa to go and fight against Ukraine.  For this, they are promised money, and if they refuse, they threaten to cancel scholarships and increase tuition fees. Illustrative photoPhoto – Flickr

In Russia, African students are being recruited to go to war against Ukraine. In particular, they are calling for “Wagner” in PMK.

About this reports The Daily Beast.

It is noted that this was reported by students from Africa studying at the Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don.

According to them, university officials convinced them to either join the ranks of the Russian army or join the “Wagner” military command center in order to go and fight in Ukraine. For this they were promised to be paid from 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

For refusing to participate in hostilities, Africans were threatened with the loss of scholarships and higher tuition fees. Foreigners receive relevant offers in the Russian Federation within 3 months.

“Three officials who met us in our dormitory tried to convince us to fight for Russia. They said that we can fight in Ukraine for a short time, earn so much money, and then return to Russia to continue our studies. They reminded us several times that some Africans are already fighting in Ukraine and earning good money”– admitted the students.

FSB employees are also trying to recruit them. Policemen and soldiers approached students not only in the educational institution, but also, for example, in the park. The Africans themselves told the publication that they do not plan to fight against Ukraine, but there are other students who are considering the offer of the occupiers due to the fact that they are in a difficult financial situation.

We will remind, according to ISW analysts, Russia continues covert preparations for the next wave of mobilization, but this will worsen the overall quality of Russian troops, which are transferred to the front in Ukraine.

In the coming weeks, the aggressor country may attract additional mobilized forces to the war against Ukraine.

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Source: Russians are recruiting students from Africa for the war against Ukraine – mass media

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