Russians stole $135 million worth of equipment and unique software at Chernobyl - Ukrainian news, Politics

Russians stole $135 million worth of equipment and unique software at Chernobyl – Ukrainian news, Politics

During the capture of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Russian invaders stole 698 computers, 344 cars, 1,500 radiation dosimeters, unique software and almost all fire extinguishing equipment from there. This is reported The Washington Post with reference to the station manager.

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And this is not a complete list of stolen and destroyed in and around the Chernobyl laboratories, it is still being compiled, the newspaper writes.

“I can’t say that they caused damage to humanity, but certainly a lot of economic damage to Ukraine,” said Mykola Bespaly, director of the Central Analytical Laboratory.

The head of the State Agency for the Management of the Exclusion Zone, Yevgeny Kramarenko, is now checking some of the stolen equipment, which was equipped with GPS trackers. Some are still transmitting location data.

“We see that part of it is located on the territory of Belarus, along the border. And part of it moves through the territory of Belarus – Gomel, Minsk, and other places,” he said.

In total, he estimates the value of the stolen goods at more than $135 million. The software was specially developed for the station and is irreplaceable. Bespaly said that some of his lab’s most important functions – monitoring radiation levels in the exclusion zone – are almost impossible without this software.

“Now it is impossible to provide reliable information whether the equipment is in working order or not, because there is no software,” he said, adding that the Russians will not be able to use it, because the software is unique, made specifically for the Chernobyl equipment.

Plant managers are skeptical that Rosatom officials have removed software and equipment for their own purposes. The Russians knew they couldn’t use it, they say, and so the most likely explanation is that their actions were punitive.

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