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Andrey Yusov, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, said on air Radio Libertythat after the operation with the transfer of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine, the number of Russian military who want to surrender as part of the I Want to Live project has increased by 70%.

β€œThere is a big jump along the β€œI want to live” line separately and through other communication channels. After the successful operation β€œTitmouse” with the Mi-8 and the pilot, let’s say, the number of servicemen of the Russian army who are considering a similar scenario for themselves has increased,” Yusov said.

According to him, this “jump” occurred by about 70% per day.

The other day, Ukrainian and Russian Telegram channels spread information that the Russian pilot, who will overtake the MiG-31 with the Kinzhal missile on board, will allegedly pay $ 2 million and provide documents of any NATO country for the whole family to choose from.

Commenting on this, Yusov said that the information is more “character of a legend and popular initiative.”

“But, of course, there will be a reward for the MiG,” he said.

  • On August 23, it became known that the military intelligence of the Ministry of Defense lured a Russian Mi-8 military helicopter that had landed at the Ukrainian airfield.
  • The head of the GUR, Budanov, said that the pilot of the Russian helicopter, who landed at the Ukrainian airfield, voluntarily overtook the ship, and his family was quietly transported to Ukraine. The rest of the crew did not know about this and tried to escape, they were eliminated.

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