Saint Nicholas Day 2022 - the date of what can and cannot be done

Saint Nicholas Day 2022 – the date of what can and cannot be done

UNIAN found out when St. Nicholas Day is celebrated, how to celebrate this date and what to present to children.

When is Saint Nicholas Day in Ukraine / When is Saint Nicholas Day in Ukraine /

Children always look forward to Saint Nicholas Day 2022 – it is on this date that they find sweet gifts under their pillows. This year, not only children are waiting for a surprise, but also adults – each of us wants the war to end as soon as possible. UNIAN told in detail about the main customs and prohibitions of the holiday, as well as omens and prayers.

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Saint Nicholas Day – date

The Memorial Day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is celebrated on December 6 according to the old style or December 19 according to the new style. Saint Nicholas is considered one of the most revered Orthodox saints, and he became the prototype of Santa Claus and Santa Claus. In Catholic countries, children, waking up on the morning of December 6, look for a gift in their Christmas socks, and children raised in Orthodoxy know that St. Nicholas puts a gift only under the pillow.

Answering the question about how many St. Nicholas holidays there are in a year, we remind you that the day of St. Nicholas is sometimes called the date of the transfer of his relics – May 22.

Saint Nicholas Day 2022 – the history of the holiday

Mykola Chudtoverets /

Mykola Chudtoverets /

Nicholas the Wonderworker, Nicholas the Conciliator or Nicholas the Saint – that’s what Orthodox believers call him. According to ancient writings, the man lived in the III-IV centuries and became famous for many miracles. One of the legends says that once Nicholas the Wonderworker saved innocently convicted people from execution by stopping the executioner with a sword. And he also saved the inhabitants of the city of Myra from starvation by dreaming of one of the Italian merchants, giving him money and asking him to come to the people with grain.

Many churches and monasteries were built in honor of Mykola Ugodnyk, the saint is revered by representatives of Christianity in many countries, and in Ukraine a city was named in memory of the Miracle Worker.

Traditions on the Day of Nicholas the Conciliator

The Orthodox know that one of the most revered saints protects all travelers, sailors, as well as beggars, the sick and, of course, children. That is, those who need his help. The main tradition of the holiday is gifts and candies, which the saint puts under the pillow of children at night.

Her story is very interesting: in the house next to Mykola lived a poor widower, whose daughter fell in love with a guy from a rich family. But the groom’s parents did not want to marry a dowry. Then, under the cover of night, Nicholas threw a roll of coins into the girl’s window, thus providing her with a dowry and preventing the lovers from being separated. From that moment, Mykola felt that helping was his vocation and began dropping toys, clothes, or money into the homes of the needy.

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Often on St. Nicholas Day in many cities, Christmas trees are put up in the squares, New Year’s celebrations, fairs and concerts are held. Charitable organizations congratulate orphans on this bright holiday.

Nicholas the Wonderworker’s Day – omens, rites

What to give a child for Saint Nicholas /

What to give a child for Saint Nicholas /

Since ancient times, it was believed that severe frosts begin after December 19. On this day, the villagers brewed beer and lit a candle in the church, begging the Miracle Worker for all kinds of blessings and a good harvest in the coming year. Housewives baked pies, laid festive tables and invited neighbors to visit to honor the memory of St. Nicholas together and celebrate the holiday.

You can support an old tradition, prepare a delicious dinner, gather in a narrow family circle or call relatives. Take on the role of the Miracle Worker and give your child:

  • pleasure;
  • the long-awaited toy;
  • clothing;
  • developing game;
  • a ticket to an entertainment event;
  • a book.

The main thing is to remember that on the Day of Nicholas the Wonderworker you must be in good health and in a good mood, in no case swear, but only rejoice and thank the saint for what is happening in your life.

Prayers for Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas is prayed for the health of children, help on the road and travels, well-being, help for orphans and the poor, healing from diseases.

O all-holy Nicholas, pleasing to the Lord, our warm intercessor, and everywhere in sorrows a quick helper, lick me, sinful and gloomy, in the present life, beg the Lord God to grant me the forgiveness of all my sins, I sin from my sins, deed, word , with my thoughts and all my feelings, let me always glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and your gracious presence, now and always, and to the ages of ages. Amen

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