Samsung plans to expand chip production in South Korea

Samsung plans to expand chip production in South Korea

It informs Reuters.

“The persistence of Samsung’s investment plans is likely to help it capture memory chip market share and support its share price when demand recovers,” analysts said.

The company’s Seoul Economic Daily reports, citing its own sources, that Samsung plans to expand its P3 factory in Pyeongtaek, South Korea by adding 12-inch wafers for DRAM memory chips.

Also, Samsung should expand the plant with additional capacities of 4-nanometer microcircuits, which will be manufactured under foundry contracts – in accordance with customer projects.

The P3 factory, which started manufacturing advanced NAND flash memory chips this year, is the company’s largest microchip manufacturing facility.

It is known that Samsung plans to add at least 10 devices with extreme UV next year.

In October, Samsung said it was not considering a deliberate cut in chip production, ignoring the broader industry’s tendency to cut output to meet mid- to long-term demand.

“We plan to maintain our original infrastructure investment plans,” Han Jin-man, executive vice president of the memory division, said at the time.

It will be recalled that on July 14, Samsung presented a graphic DRAM memory chip that processes information more than 30% faster than all other company products.

The company is going to become a leader in the production of next-generation graphics memory chips. In 2021, Samsung held 38.9% of the global DRAM market.

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