Save your lives, help us weaken and destroy occupiers

Save your lives, help us weaken and destroy occupiers

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the citizens in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia to save their lives and help Ukraine weaken and destroy the enemy.

“I have a simple request to all our people in the temporarily occupied territory: do the main thing – save your lives and help us weaken and destroy the occupiers,” he said in a daily vide address on Friday night.

The head of state also called on the residents of the occupied territories to hide from the Russian mobilization “by any means”, avoid conscription letters, and try to get to the free territory of Ukraine.

“But if you get into the Russian army, sabotage any activity of the enemy, hinder any Russian operations, provide us with any important information about the occupiers – their bases, headquarters, warehouses with ammunition. And at the first opportunity, switch to our positions. Do everything to save your life and help liberate Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

According to the president, since the beginning of active actions in the east of Ukraine in September, about 9,000 square kilometers of territory and about 400 settlements have already been liberated.

“This tangible result was achieved in particular thanks to the fact that our people in the temporarily occupied territory helped us,” he said.

“Please do everything to increase such help. Give our special services all the information about those who organize and help conduct this farce with sham referenda. Provide all information about the Russian mobilization, about the Russian army in general. Help those in the occupied areas who need it: elderly people, single people, families with children. Ukraine will return to all its lands, and we must save as many of our people there as possible,” Zelensky said.


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