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Since the beginning of the great war, the SBU has investigated almost 400 criminal proceedings against 257 people who corrected or directed enemy fire. About this in comments said SBU speaker Artem Dekhtyarenko.

In total, he said, indictments against 224 people have been sent to court. “77 spotters have already been convicted,” noted the SBU representative.

The statistics relate exclusively to Article 114-2 of the Criminal Code – unauthorized dissemination of information about the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Depending on the circumstances of the crime, spotters/guiders may also be charged with more stringent charges (high treason, aiding an aggressor state, collaboration), the SBU clarified.

The geography of criminals exposed by the intelligence service is wide – virtually all of Ukraine. But Russian informants work most actively in front-line regions, the SBU clarifies.

There they are “hunting” for the coordinates of the Defense Forces units, their positions, checkpoints and air defense. No less attention is paid to the coordinates of civilian facilities – schools, hospitals, warehouse, energy and logistics infrastructure.

“In most cases, the enemy sets a specific task for the gunners: to check a particular location, take a photo of it, and record the maximum concentration of people at the site,” said the SBU speaker.

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Mainly two categories of people are recruited for cooperation:

→ ideological adherents of the “Russian world”, working for money or for the promise of a position in the occupation administrations;
→ citizens who can be intimidated by blackmail and threats.

To expose the gunners, the special service uses many methods of collecting and analyzing information, the SBU noted.

“Starting from monitoring open data, information from our own operational sources and ending with testimony received from already exposed gunners,” Dekhtyarenko said.

  • On November 11, 2023, the Office of the Prosecutor General announced that the Russian agent who aimed missiles at the Kharkov regional administration and other civilian buildings in March 2022 received life imprisonment with confiscation of property.
  • 31 people died then reported prosecutor’s office At the time of the two hits, there were territorial defense personnel, military personnel and volunteers in the building, reported in OVA.

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