Scholz announced the expansion of the EU - details

Scholz announced the expansion of the EU – details


On Saturday, October 15, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for the expansion of the European Union at a meeting of European social democrats.

This is reported by the publication daily News.

According to the words of the German chancellor, the enlarged EU will be able to better influence world affairs.

“The EU, which includes 27, 30, 36 states, as well as more than 500 million free and equal citizens, can strengthen its influence in the world even more. I am committed to EU enlargement. Further expansion of the EU to the east is a win for all of us”– said Scholz.

It is worth noting that currently the European Union consists of 27 members.

Since taking office, Scholz has made the expansion of the European Union one of the main directions of his foreign policy. It became even more relevant after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which at the beginning of summer became a candidate for joining the EU.

At the same time, the Chancellor of Germany is convinced that candidates for accession, such as Ukraine, Moldova, the countries of the Western Balkans and, in the future, Georgia, must meet the accession criteria.

As Scholz notes, the problems of smaller member states should not be ignored with EU enlargement.

“Also, in the future, each country should be heard with its problems, anything else would be a betrayal of the European idea”– added the chancellor.

Scholz also called for reforms in the EU itself. The chancellor believes that in order to avoid deadlocks, there should be a gradual transition to approval of decisions by majority vote in foreign and financial policy, rather than by consensus, as is the case today.

At the same time, Scholz also promised to support Ukraine in resisting Russia’s aggressive war.

“Russia’s brutal invasion is an attack on the European security order”– the chancellor of Germany believes.

We will remind that the European Parliament called to provide Western-style tanks to Ukraine and speed up its accession to the EU.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada announced a new deadline for the adoption of European integration laws.

Olha Stefanishyna also reported that negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union may begin in 2023.

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