Scholz named the conditions for the normalization of relations with Russia

Scholz named the conditions for the normalization of relations with Russia

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Until Russia stops the war in Ukraine, withdraws its troops and concludes a peace agreement on “reasonable” terms, one cannot even begin to think about normalizing relations with the Russian Federation.

About it in the interview Today’s News German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.

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June 16, 2022, 6:31 p.m

Scholz does not think that the normalization of relations with Russia is possible in the near future. “Russia is waging a war against Ukraine, causing enormous suffering and destruction. Until Russia stops this war, withdraws its troops from Ukraine and makes peace on reasonable terms, I don’t see the possibility of even starting to think about normalization.”– he said.

The chancellor also believes that direct communication with Vladimir Putin is important, especially during a crisis, which is why he held several phone conversations with him.

“I want our messages to reach the president of Russia directly, so that Russia takes responsibility directly. My clear message to him is that his strategy for Ukraine will not work. Putin should know what we demand from him. That’s why I think such conversations are important, especially in the future.” – said the politician.

It will be recalled that Scholz previously stated that the sanctions will not be lifted if the war in Ukraine ends on Russia’s terms.

In addition, the chancellor is against the introduction of visa sanctions against citizens of the Russian Federation.


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