Scientists recorded the joint "wedding song" of humpback whales, which were more than 14 thousand km apart

Scientists recorded the joint “wedding song” of humpback whales, which were more than 14 thousand km apart

It informs Science Alert.

Scientists have discovered that the “nuptial songs” of humpback whales of the southern Pacific Ocean are heard at a distance of more than 14 thousand kilometers – from the east coast of Australia to French Polynesia and the shores of Ecuador.

“Decades of observations have shown that humpback whales have a certain song “revolution” – later the motifs are replaced by new ones. And they, for their part, can become hits and be transmitted not only between specific individuals, but also among entire populations of humpback whales,” the message reads. .

Scientists first heard the song “revolution” in French Polynesia, and then it spread among whales outside South America, back in 2016-18. In general, scientists began to study the phenomenon of “nuptial songs” of humpback whales in the late 1990s.

One of the hypotheses for the spread of “nuptial songs” among whales in different parts of the ocean is that different populations spend time together in the summer. Researchers believe that the whale populations of French Polynesia and Ecuador meet in the same place where they exchange “hits”.

“Previously, it was believed that male humpback whales perform their songs only during the winter mating season. However, new research shows that they also sing in the summer – so to speak, they sing before the mating season begins,” the agency reports.

Scientists are still investigating whether the “songs” of whales can migrate across the Indian Ocean.

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