SCM becomes general partner in development of strategy for recovery of Mariupol

SCM becomes general partner in development of strategy for recovery of Mariupol

SCM Investment Group on September 7 signed a memorandum with Mariupol City Council on the establishment of a project office and the launch of a project to develop a vision, mission, manifesto, and subsequently a plan for the revival of Mariupol.

According to the company’s press release, SCM will act as the general partner of the project, Metinvest as the operational partner.

At the same time, it is specified that the main task of the project is to create a strategy for the revival of Mariupol after its de-occupation and raising the Ukrainian flag over the city. The project is being implemented with the participation of Ukrainian and international donors.

Experts from various fields will calculate the exact losses and scale of destruction inflicted on the city by Russian troops during the months of blockade and unprecedented bombing, create a visualization of the architectural plan of Mariupol for further discussion with the citizens, and draw up a strategy for the rapid restoration of critical infrastructure for life.

USAID, the EBRD, the World Bank and other international financial and humanitarian initiatives have already joined the project.

The press release emphasizes that Mariupol is a symbolic city. Until February 24, 2022 – a symbol of development, a showcase of the new Ukrainian Donbas. After February 24 – a symbol of heroism, perseverance, but at the same time a symbol of suffering.

“We are confident that Mariupol will be de-occupied. And we are ready to do everything necessary to revive, restore, recreate the city, as soon as the Ukrainian flag flutters over it. Today we are taking the first step towards this. A very concrete step,” SCM Director for Public Relations and Communications Natalya Yemchenko said.

According to her, SCM and its investor Rinat Akhmetov have been making every effort for the development of this city, this place of power, for many years.

“And now we are together again with “Yamariupol” – today we have become the first partner of the city on the way to revival. Right now, even before liberation, we begin preparations for a quick restoration and renovation. And we encourage others to join this project as donors, experts, partners,” she said.


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