В Ізюмі знайшли секретну документацію окупантів 7

Secret documentation of the occupiers was found in Izyum News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Military orders for the invasion of Ukraine and a map of the Kharkiv region with the route of movement – such documents were seized by the police in Izyum

They discovered a “find” on the territory of the lyceum in the basement. The police seized 13 bags of documents.

Among the physical evidence discovered are a secret military order of the Russian military for the invasion of the territory of Ukraine, a topographic map of the Khariv region with a route of movement, lists of personnel of the Russian Armed Forces tank brigades, documents of the structural units of the VGA of the Izyum district, educational institutions, medical institutions, entrepreneurs and communal enterprises .

According to this fact, the investigators have opened criminal proceedings.

Fuente: atn.ua

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