Seleznev about the release of part of Opytny


He told about this on Espresso.

“Actually, the situation almost a month ago in the area of ​​the 9th micro-district of Avdiivka was very tense. There, the enemy put pressure on our defensive lines and positions. He constantly tried to encircle the fortress city of Avdiivka, trying to repeat to some extent his success in the Bakhmut area,” – noted the ex-spokesman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Vladyslav Seleznyov added that the Russians had run out of the same “Wagner” anti-aircraft missile system, and the Russian “Storm Z” units failed to implement the plan regarding Avdiyivka. In addition, defensive lines and positions around this city were created in 2014 and were only strengthened all this time.

“As soon as the Ukrainian army felt that the enemy had begun to transfer its reserves from this part of the front, it pushed forward and so effectively that it even entered the village of Opytne. However, the enemy began to actively engage artillery, so we were forced to withdraw to the outskirts of this settlement. There, Ukrainian forces established themselves on new frontiers and positions, “buried themselves in the ground.” And, of course, the enemy is nervous, crying that Donetsk is in danger,” the military expert commented.

Seleznyov emphasized that Donetsk is the capital of the self-proclaimed “DPR”, and obviously, the situation is quite unpleasant for the enemy.

“It is unlikely that this tactical episode can radically change the situation on the battlefield. But there is a key point here, that the enemy is now again forced to transfer his reserves, which are already lacking, to this section of the front in order to slow down the Ukrainian offensive here as much as possible. Because the enemy does not know what the plans of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are. It is quite likely that this is where active hostilities will develop in the perspective of the next 4-6 weeks. We can only imagine Putin’s despair if it turns out that part of the city of Donetsk may come under the control of the Ukrainian army.” – noted the reserve colonel.

  • The day before, the head of the Avdiyiv Military Academy Vitaly Barabash said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine occupied a part of Opytny, which is near Donetsk, and fighting is currently ongoing in the village itself.
  • On September 11, Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar confirmed the liberation of part of the village of Opytny near Avdiivka, Donetsk region. During the week, the Armed Forces de-occupied another 2 square meters. km in the Bakhmut direction and 1.5 square meters. km in the south



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