September 11 in history: the troops of the anti-Russian coalition entered Sevastopol

September 11 in history: the troops of the anti-Russian coalition entered Sevastopol

This was an episode of the Crimean (Eastern) War, which was caused by Russia’s desire to regain the Balkan possessions from the weakened Ottoman Empire, says the scientific and educational project WAS.

In September 1854, the troops of the anti-Russian coalition landed in the Crimea and went to Sevastopol – the main base of the Black Sea Fleet.

It was not possible to take the city quickly, its defense lasted 330 days. The allied fleet could not enter the Sevastopol Bay – it was hindered by its own ships sunk by the Russians.

Finally, in September 1855, the Malachy mound was taken – the key position of the city’s defense. After that, Russian forces withdrew from the southern (main) part of Sevastopol, setting it on fire.

“The war ended in March of the following year with the defeat of Russia. The Allied troops were in Sevastopol until June. According to the peace treaty, the Russian Empire could not have a military fleet on the Black Sea, and for several decades the city lost its strategic importance,” the WAS article on 11 September in history.

In addition, September 11, but already in 1919the UNR army liberated Uman and Khrystynivka from the Bolsheviks.

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Other important events of September 11:

September 11, 1971 – Mykyta Khrushchev died in Moscow – a statesman and politician of the USSR of Ukrainian ethnic origin, the leader of the Soviet state in the mid-1950s – 1964.

September 11, 1973 – in Chile, the 65-year-old president Salvador Allende, the first democratically elected Marxist leader of the country in Latin America, was killed in a military coup by a group of soldiers led by General Augusto Pinochet.

And finally, “September 11, 2001 in New York at around 09:00 local time, two planes with an interval of 17 minutes crashed into the skyscrapers of the World Trade Center”, – reminds the Ukrainian historical site JNSM.

Both towers collapsed from the explosions within a few hours.

Shortly after the crash in New York, another plane crashed into the west wing of the US Department of Defense in Washington, D.C., and another plane crashed near the city of Pittsburgh before reaching Washington.

The responsibility for the tragedy of 9/11 was taken by the Islamist terrorist organization “Al-Qaeda” headed by Osama Bin Laden.

The events of that day became the reason for the start of the international peacekeeping mission of the Western allies in Afghanistan (2001-2021) and Iraq (2003-2011).

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