Seven main news from Ukraine and the world at 19:00 October 23 | News of Ukraine


1. At night, air defense worked against martyrs, an X-59 missile and an unknown drone – 15 targets were shot down. On the night of October 23, Russia attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones, an unknown type of unmanned aerial vehicle, and an X-59 guided missile. The Ukrainian Air Force stated that a total of 15 enemy targets were destroyed (more details).

2. Checking military commissars in the regions. NACP found unsubstantiated assets worth UAH 255 million – list. The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has identified unsubstantiated assets of Ukrainian military commissars amounting to more than UAH 255 million – this money was discovered over the past six months. The department writes that one of the most common corruption practices is receiving bribes to avoid mobilization through the decision of military medical commissions (more details).

3. Half of Ukrainians are convinced of a long war, 73% are against concessions to the enemy: KIIS poll. Half (49%) of Ukrainians are convinced that Russia can continue to wage war for many years over a significant resource, while at the same time, 73% of surveyed fellow citizens are against any territorial concessions to it, even if they have to fight for a long time. This is evidenced by survey data from the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (more details).

4. Schemes: Regionalist Efremov, accused of treason, fled to Russia and lives in an elite residential complex in Moscow. Former faction head Party of Regions in the Rada Alexander Efremov, accused of treason, fled from Ukraine after the start of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation through Slovakia, Scheme journalists found out. According to them, the former people’s deputy has now registered and lives in Moscow in luxury apartments, where there are more than 650 square meters. m of living space worth about $4 million is registered to his son Igor Efremov (more details).

5. The SBU is involved in the liquidation of Dugina. Components for the bomb were hidden in a cat carrier – WP. The American newspaper The Washington Post writes that Ukrainian intelligence services, collaborating with the US Central Intelligence Agency, were involved in the liquidation of Russian propagandist Daria Dugina. The SBU stated that the service will be able to discuss all the details of high-profile special operations after the war (more details).

6. WP: Behind the attacks on the Crimean Bridge and the Kremlin are Ukrainian special services trained by the CIA. Behind the attacks on the Kremlin and the illegally built Crimean Bridge by the Russians are Ukrainian special services trained by the US CIA. Some US officials who were notified in advance of the Crimean Bridge operation initially expressed “concerns,” but their “fears may have subsequently dissipated.” This is stated in an article by The Washington Post (more details).

7. Biden was warned about the invasion, but Ukraine did not have access to this intelligence – WP. The CIA helped the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense acquire β€œthe most modern” equipment, investments amounted to β€œmillions of dollars”, Ukraine shared information. However, the US warning of Russia’s determination to invade in 2022 was based on intelligence flows in which Ukraine was not initially involved. This is stated in an article by The Washington Post (more details).

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