Shelling of Sumy Oblast: more than 100 airstrikes have been recorded in the region over the last day


photo: TSN

Russian occupying forces fired 16 attacks on the border territory of the Sumy region during the day of Monday, November 13. More than 100 arrivals were recorded.

The press service of Sumy OVA reported this in Telegram.

“During the day, the Russians carried out 16 shelling of the border territories and settlements of the Sumy region. 103 explosions were recorded. Krasnopilsk, Myropilsk, Bilopolsk, Yunakivsk, Velikopysarivsk, Novoslobidsk, Shalyginsk, Seredino-Budsk communities came under fire.”the message says.

It is noted that VOGs were dropped from a drone (2 explosions) and artillery fire (8 explosions) was recorded in the Velikopysarovsk community, Shalyginsk and Myropilsk communities were fired with mortars (4 and 6 explosions, respectively), Seredino-Budsk – with mortars (6 explosions). and AGS (45 explosions).

At the same time, mortar fire (10 explosions) was recorded in Krasnopilsk community, artillery (1 explosion) and mortar fire (3 explosions) in Novoslobidska.

Invaders dropped 5 mines on the territory of Yunakiv community, shelling from self-propelled guns (5 explosions) was also recorded.

At the same time, the Bilopol community was shelled by barrel artillery (12 explosions).

We will remind that the number of victims as a result of the Russian attack on the center of Kherson has increased to 12 people.

Also, on Sunday evening, November 12, explosions rang out in Kharkiv during the air raid warning. Russian troops launched missile strikes on the city from the S-300 air defense system.

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Source: Shelling of Sumy Oblast: more than 100 airstrikes have been recorded in the region over the last day


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