Shelling of Sumy Oblast: more than 120 attacks were recorded in the last day


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The Russian occupying forces carried out 25 shellings of the border settlements of the Sumy region in one day, on September 11. As a result of one of them, a local resident was injured.

The press service of Sumy OVA reported this in Telegram.

As noted, 122 explosions were recorded. The communities of Krasnopilsk, Yunakivsk, Khotynsk, Velikopysarivsk, Esmansk, Bilopolsk, Znob-Novgorodsk, Seredino-Budsk, Putivlsk and Mykolaiv came under fire.

In the Krasnopil community: mortar attacks (28 explosions) and artillery fire (4 explosions) were carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation. Kamikaze UAVs and enemy “FPV-drone” were also carried out.

Khotyn community: the invaders fired mortars and tanks, AGS and artillery.

Velikopysarov community: the Russians dropped eight mines on the territory of the community and fired artillery. As a result of shelling, one private house was damaged.

Znob-Novgorod community: the Russians fired a mortar attack. The occupiers also launched an attack from the territory of the Russian Federation with anti-aircraft missiles. As a result of the shelling, a local resident received a contusion and bruises. One private house was also damaged.

The Russians launched an attack with mortars in the Yunakiv community, Mykolaiv rural community, Esman and Putivl communities.

Seredino-Budsk community: the enemy fired artillery.

Bilopolsk community: the Russians dropped the VOG from the FPV drone, two explosions were recorded.

We will remind that the resident of Sumy, who was wounded during the shelling of the Russians on September 8, died in the hospital.

Also, on Monday, September 11, the Russian occupation army attacked the village of Bilozerka in the Kherson region. Three civilians were injured.

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Source: Shelling of Sumy Oblast: more than 120 attacks were recorded in the last day


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