Shelling of the Industrial District and missile strikes on the center of Kharkiv: details  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Shelling of the Industrial District and missile strikes on the center of Kharkiv: details News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

This morning, the occupiers again hit the center of Kharkiv – S-300 missiles flew from the Belgorod region. One hit was in the courtyard of the administration building. The second blow hit the 5-story residential building nearby, three floors were completely destroyed, and a fire started. Nina lives on the 2nd floor, only her elderly mother was at home at the time of the attack. Miraculously there were no injuries.


Without injuries, she lay between the bearing walls. The dog was lying next to her, guarding her mother. Mom is fine, she’s in the ambulance, but everything is fine. Firefighters pulled out things, extinguished, it is impossible to enter the house.

Oksana was at home with her son from the fourth floor. After the explosion, they were locked in the apartment – the door was damaged. Firefighters needed help. While escaping, people did not forget about the guinea pig.


A small hole remained. From the neighbors, the door was pulled out and pressed our door. it was impossible to get out. At the beginning of the war, the house was badly damaged, we were without water, without gas, without heating. Now it was an additive, but you can’t say that you can get used to it.

Units remained in the building, most people left. After the fire was extinguished, emergency and rescue operations began on the spot.

Oleg Sinegubov, head of HOVA

According to the preliminary information of the units of the State Emergency Service, they evacuated several people who were under the impact, they had minor injuries. Debris analysis is ongoing, the fire will be extinguished first of all, after that it will be clear whether there were people in the room.

Three residents of Kharkiv were rescued from the ruins, work on dismantling the rubble continues.

Dmytro Chubenko, spokesman of the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

According to the residents of the building, no one lived in the teak apartments at the place where the rocket hit. Rescuers continue sorting through the debris. We hope that the number of victims will not increase.

At night, a racist projectile that flew into the Industrial district took the life of an elderly woman. The pensioner’s son, who was in the next room, was not injured. The man was able to get out of the rubble on his own.

Oleksandr, son of the deceased

Well, I got out, I wanted to live. The ceiling collapsed on me, the second wall did not give. It turns out that my mother was on the other side, she was filled up with the first wall, but she didn’t fall on me, the ceiling fell. I woke up, the phone was nearby, I started dialing my mother – the phone did not work. I started screaming – mom, mom …

Neighbors saw the extent of the destruction already in the morning. They say the explosion was very loud, preceded by a flash.


I heard a hiss, and then I ran to the window and, as if during a thunderstorm, lightning flashed.


It banged, it banged well and something hit the roof. 35 minutes past one I went out – quietly. There is a lot of land in the yard, in front of me people also came out. We got up in the morning, the slate on the roof was knocked out …


It was very scary, my child was scared, he sits cowardly. Where to run at night. And God forbid, on the street with the same fragments. So we found a place at home. When it all started, we, of course, hid in the basement. Suddenly you run out into the street and you will be beaten by an explosive wave or something else.

After the explosion, the house where the father of the Hero of the “Heavenly Hundred” Vladyslav Zubenko lived caught fire. The man managed to run outside, grabbing the most precious thing – his son’s awards.

Vitaly Zubenko

Like an empty barrel on a barrel. I didn’t even think it hit the roof. And silence. Then like the sound of rain. I turn to the door, and there is a flicker. I open it, and there is smoke and flames from the second floor. Vadik grabbed the orders, they were hidden, he did not look for documents. Jumped out with orders and that’s it. The only thing I managed to take was the Order of Vladislav. What is most valuable – then he took it.

The man says that he started building the house together with his son, but had to finish it himself.

Vitaly Zubenko

My son lived for society. He lived not for himself, but for the whole country. Participated in all community organizations, helped the elderly, children in boarding schools.

The house cannot be restored, the fire destroyed everything, says the father of the Hero of Ukraine.

Shelling of the Industrial District and missile strikes on the center of Kharkiv: details 9

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