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It seems that the vision of the nature of Ukraine in this politician is like that in the hostile fairy tale about the goldfish: I don’t want to be a pillar noblewoman, I want to be a mistress of the sea. Ukrainians do not do this with their nature. We protect her. And for those who have a different approach, only the nights shine. Yes, they are broken.

I asked someone whose expertise I have trusted for years and who protects our non-renewable resources to read the new project. I was given a very short conclusion: “mandate raider”.

And I realized that it is necessary to urgently attract the attention of the mass media and the public, and still read what kind of future they are drawing for us.

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What is alarming?

Shulyak says that he wants to settle the story with ports, investments… Ports are an important issue, indeed. Grain corridors are the same… But this 100% should be considered by the transport committee. Members of various committees and representatives of various parties tell me about this. But purely “accidentally” the project got into the committee chaired by Shulyak.

I ask, so what? Why is this happening? And the politicians (all of them as one) tell me that this is a set of words: Shulyak, Kubrakov, Vaskov.

So it is manually determined by the head of the ruling party and government officials, where to direct the project? A democratic approach, you can’t say anything. Yuri Kisiel, why is this happening, why did 9664 not get into your committee as the main one? Ruslana Stefanchuk?

At the Shuliak committee, this legislative initiative was on the agenda last week. But Roman Lozynskyi and Oleg Dunda emphasized that the subcommittees must be passed first. And it would also be good to wait for the position of NAZK. This is something that will be really interesting to read.

I reviewed what was at the environmental committee. Ministry of Ecology, State Water Agency are excited. Not only do they want to deregulate the sea. We are talking about both rivers and lakes. That is, according to the simplified system, you can do what you want there on the coastal strips. There are too many communities here.

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This “will lead to uncontrolled processes of various types of construction on the lands of the water fund, coastal protection strips, diversion strips, sanitary protection zones, which in turn will affect the ecological condition of surface water bodies,” the State Water Agency writes.

And I would also like to hear the position of the Association of Cities of Ukraine, its executive director Oleksandr Slobozhan, because it concerns communities. And here Shulyak, as the head of the committee responsible for local government, should consider local self-government. But it seems that we have a situation here, like with 5655…

Yulia Klymenko and her colleagues from “Holos” submitted an alternative project. Klymenko herself says that her project is not ideal. But he emphasizes that it is important for there to be a discussion and the involvement of all parties. An investor should come to the country, and together with that, the communities should also have their say here, because they need to understand what impact on ecology they will have and whether they agree to it. Klymenko, by the way, is a member of the transport committee.

“We have risks that this may preserve the current corruption system at the level of authorities and the Ministry of Infrastructure,” Klymenko says.

I would like to avoid such risks. What do you think? What are Shulyak’s motives for suddenly taking up the country’s water spaces?


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