Significant deficit remains in country's energy system - Ukrenergo - news from Ukraine, Politics

Significant deficit remains in country’s energy system – Ukrenergo – news from Ukraine, Politics

Significant deficit remains in countrys energy system Ukrenergo

On the evening of November 25, a significant deficit remains in the energy system of Ukraine. About it informs NEK Ukrenergo.

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As noted, at 19:00 on November 25, there is a deficit in the country’s energy system – 30% of consumption needs.

Ukrenergo reported that the phased renewal of the energy system continues.

“Repair crews are working around the clock. Electricity is being connected to household consumers,” power engineers inform.

As reported, the dispatch center of Ukrenergo in the morning brought to each oblenergo the consumption volumes that they must comply with during the day.

It is emphasized that oblenergos independently determine the queues for disconnecting consumers, and Ukrenergo only justifies the necessary volume of consumption restriction.

“The amount of capacity available in the system is sufficient to most optimally and evenly alternate the restrictions of consumers in each region and Kyiv,” the national energy company said.

Ukrenergo reminded of the need to save electricity – this will allow less restrictions to be applied to prevent accidents, and will also enable power engineers to focus on repairs of damaged facilities, on which the power of entire regions depends.

  • On November 23, Russia fired about 70 missiles into Ukraine, of which 50 were shot down. The rest caused significant damage to the energy system, as a result of which emergency blackouts began throughout Ukraine. Moldova also remained without electricity.
  • Power cuts led to the shutdown of pumping stations and failures in water supply.
  • First all Ukrainian nuclear power plants have come to an emergency stop and most thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants.
  • Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko said that the Ukrainian energy system as a result of Russian shelling on November 23 survived the blackout. It was possible to restore its integrity only on November 24 at four in the morning.

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