Sijarto behaves like a Kremlin stooge and repeats Kremlin narratives


This was stated by the diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the USA (2015-2019) Valery Chalyy on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

“Earlier, we thought that Hungary was only concerned with the protection of Hungarians in Ukraine, language issues, but that is not what we are talking about. Sijarto went to Moscow, received instructions, came and said in Russian: “As long as you have a war, we do not want to take you into EU. Sign the capitulation of the Russian Federation, then we’ll see.” They have become stooges of the Kremlin. Personally, Minister of Foreign Affairs Siyarto behaves like a stooge of the Kremlin and repeats the Kremlin’s narratives,” Chaly noted.

According to him, if such politicians are supported in Hungary, it will continue.

“I think that when we conduct specific negotiations with Hungary, there will be no such people in their leadership. I am sure of this, because they will lead Hungary to nowhere,” Chaly added.

In general, the EU demonstrated a very confident position in implementing joint actions abroad, a unified foreign and security policy. There is also a common defense security policy. In these two positions, the EU showed a great unity, except for those who are playing the Russian card, Chaly believes.

  • Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban on October 26 statedwhich is ready for negotiations with Ukraine regarding the lifting of the veto on EU military aid.
  • Orban also said that he is proud of his contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he met in China in October.
  • Politico reported that OrbΓ‘n and Fico blocked 50 billion euros in aid to Ukraine at a summit of EU leaders.
  • On November 9, the Bloomberg agency reported that the EU is developing an alternative plan to help Ukraine in the event of Hungary’s veto.



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