Singer and officer of the ZSU Zhenya Halych said that the song “Bakhmut Fortress” annoys him


The artist noted that others may like the song, but he himself has a negative attitude towards such creativity.

As it turned out, Halych does not like this track / UNIAN collage, screenshot, artist’s instagram

Zhenya Halych, the soloist of the O.Torvald band, who serves in the Armed Forces, spoke about “bairaktarshchyna” – songs in which artists speculate on the topic of war. He noted that he does not like such creativity. In addition, the officer spoke about the song “Bakhmut Fortress”, which was performed by the band “Antitila”.

As it turned out, Halych does not like this track. Not only that, the song even annoys him.

“Bayraktarshchyna is speculation on one or another Ukrainian topic, because it’s popular now. But there are also hypervores who use things below the belt in their songs, eyeliners, stand-ups, and in their creativity. OK, do you want to be straight? The song “Bakhmut Fortress” at the time when the events are happening in Bakhmut… I have a question, how to deal with this? It annoys me, I say it like it is. For many people, this song has become a support… I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong, I’m talking about my attitude to it,” the singer said in an interview on the “Pryama Khrovona” YouTube channel.

Halych noted that some people like such songs, because they give them the necessary charge of emotions. However, he himself has a negative attitude towards such tracks. The military man did not condemn those who love “bairaktarshchyna”.

“But there are people, I know these people, who like the song “Bakhmut Fortress”. And that’s okay. I don’t accept this creativity, others do, and that’s okay,” Halych explained.

Antitila band presented this track in February 2023. Many Ukrainians immediately liked the powerful song about the war and the city that was destroyed by the invaders.

“As musicians, we understood that we needed to do something inspiring, with which we would like to tear up the earth, go into battle, stand and not retreat. But as citizens who have combat experience, we understand that we need to do our work and our task calmly, as we were taught, and that behind our backs, behind the backs of those who are right now with weapons against the occupiers, is the future of Ukraine,” said frontman Taras Topolya.

Subsequently, “Antitila” released a music video for the song “Bakhmut Fortress”. The video was shot at the positions that were fired upon by the Russians. In 8 months, the video collected more than 18 million views on YouTube.

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