Situation with infrastructure in Izium close to apocalyptic – dpty mayor

Situation with infrastructure in Izium close to apocalyptic – dpty mayor

The situation with the infrastructure of deoccupied Izium is close to apocalyptic, said Volodymyr Matsokin, Deputy Mayor of Izium.

“The situation … is close to apocalyptic … the central part [of the town], high-rise buildings, if we used to tell correspondents that they were destroyed by 80%, then today I would say that they were destroyed by 90% … Residential sector, private, one-storey … – a little in better condition, but there is still work to be done on the study of the real situation. People in the central part of the city do not live today, it is impossible to live there, because everything is destroyed there,” Matsokin said at an online briefing at the Ukraine – Ukrinform Media Center (Kyiv) on Thursday.

He said that there is no electricity in the town, the gas pipeline, gas stations are destroyed, the heat supply system does not work.

“There are no electricians in the town today at 100%. The water supply does not work, the sewerage does not work. Gas is supplied to only one district of the city, and this covers 20% of the population. The gas comes in such a mode that it takes about 20 minutes to boil the kettle,” Matsokin said.

According to him, the evacuation of residents of Izium for the winter period cannot be avoided.

“We will look at the real situation, at what we will be able to do in a fairly short time, how to set up electrics, gas, water… But evacuation cannot be avoided,” the deputy mayor stressed.

Matsokin also said that more than 15,000 people are currently living in Izium.

“There are from 15,000 to 17,000 people in Izium now and an abnormally large number of children – about 1,5000 remain in the town today,” he said, adding that children do not study, since educational services today can only be provided online, and there is no one in the town yet.

At the same time, according to him, humanitarian aid, in particular, food is being delivered to all districts of the town.


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