Six main news of Ukraine and the world at 19:20 September 17 - news from Ukraine, Politics

Six main news of Ukraine and the world at 19:20 September 17 – news from Ukraine, Politics

1. Putin’s nuclear weapons. Biden addressed him, repeating “no” three times – video

Biden was asked what the reaction and consequences would be if Putin did cross the line and use weapons of mass destruction. The US president evaded a specific answer, but promised that the Russians “will become outcasts in the world more than ever.”

2. Russia hit Kharkov with rockets, Nikopol was covered with “grads” and artillery

On the night of September 17, Russia launched a missile attack on Kharkov, and also covered Nikopol and neighboring settlements with “grads” and heavy artillery all night. In the Zaporozhye region, several settlements also came under shelling at night.

3. Ukraine buys 18 new RCH-155 self-propelled guns from Germany

Germany agreed to sell Ukraine 18 of the latest RCH-155 self-propelled artillery mounts. The value of the contract is 216 million euros.

4. Russia fired missiles at Chuguev, an 11-year-old girl died

As a result of the hits, critical infrastructure, the private sector, businesses, and a gas station were damaged. An 11-year-old girl was wounded and died in hospital, and another woman was seriously injured.

5. The Czech Foreign Ministry called for the speedy establishment of an international tribunal for the crime of aggression

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky called for the creation of an international tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression as soon as possible. The statement was made in connection with the mass grave site found after the de-occupation of Izyum with more than 440 graves.

6. General Staff: The invaders are preparing retreat routes in the Kherson region, trying to hide the losses

The General Staff confirmed the liquidation of more than 180 occupiers in Kherson on September 10 as a result of a strike on the territory of Alcoservice LLC, which housed enemy personnel and military equipment. According to the General Staff, the special services of the occupying country sorted out the rubble for five days, trying at the same time to hide the losses incurred.

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