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Snowstorm in the USA: 30 people, almost two million people, became victims of the elements

The vast majority of people became victims of road accidents due to poor visibility.

As a result of the Arctic cyclone, which covered two-thirds of the US territory, at least 28 people died, another 2 million Americans were left without electricity.

As reported Sky Newsthe majority of people died in traffic accidents caused by bad weather.

In addition, due to bad weather, 1,300 flights were canceled today, mainly in New York and several states in the north of the country.

Residents of the northern states were urged not to leave their homes, as temperature records were broken in some places – it was recorded as low as -48 C.

This cyclone also reached Canada. In the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, hundreds of thousands of residents were left without electricity, and flights were canceled in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

“Explosive storm” in the USA

On December 23, the Americans were warned about an “explosive cyclone”, with a strong cold and snow storm. According to the NWS, the arctic blast will drop temperatures to dangerous levels across much of the country and the snowiest part of the storm will fall over the Christmas weekend.

On December 24, at least 19 people died in the United States due to bad weather, and more than a million people were left without electricity.

Fuente: espreso.tv

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