Soldiers of the SBU staged a “judgment day” for the Russian “Terminator”. FPV drone destruction video – Ukrainian news, Politics


Counterintelligence fighters of the Security Service of Ukraine destroyed a Russian Terminator tank support combat vehicle with kamikaze drones. Related video published press service of the SBU.

The service claims that the soldiers staged a “judgment day” on the Russians’ combat vehicle, which, according to Moscow’s propaganda, “has no analogues.”

A rare instance of the enemy’s defense industry burned down from the hits of several kamikaze drones.

They tried to pull out the downed Terminator with a T-80 tank, but the SBU special forces also hit it.

The exact direction of the front is not called.

REFERENCE. “Terminator” – a Russian tank support combat vehicle designed to operate as part of tank formations in order to destroy enemy anti-tank weapons: to effectively suppress enemy manpower equipped with grenade launchers, anti-tank systems, and small arms; there is also the ability to hit tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, pillboxes, bunkers and other highly protected targets on the move and from the spot.

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