Some 140 invaders destroyed, 232 wounded, four captured in Bakhmut direction in 24 hours – Cherevaty


In the Bakhmut direction, 140 Russian invaders were destroyed, 232 were wounded, and four were taken prisoner, Ukrainian soldiers continue to hold the initiative, Serhiy Cherevaty, Deputy Commander for Strategic Communications of the Eastern Group of Forces, said.

“Our military continues to put pressure on the enemy and keep the initiative in the Bakhmut direction. The enemy puts up insane resistance. Some 626 times a day he struck at our positions with artillery of various types, made four air raids. In general, 11 clashes took place in the direction. Some 140 invaders were destroyed, 232 were wounded, and four were taken prisoner,” Cherevaty said on the air of the national telethon on Wednesday.

In addition, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed a lot of Russian military equipment. In particular, three tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, two Grad MLRS, Akatsiya self-propelled guns, D-30 howitzer, three ammunition depots, as well as the Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare system and three ZALA UAVs, three Lancet loitering munitions, and six UAV launchers.

Answering a question about the situation directly near Bakhmut, in particular in the area of Klischiyivka, Cherevaty noted that “this is, to a certain extent, the epicenter.”

“We do not want to disclose the details, but the Ukrainian Defense Forces are holding the initiative. The enemy suffers heavy losses. Powerful pressure on the enemy continues, but very thoughtful, systematic, without frontal attacks that would lead to heavy losses of personnel,” he stressed.

In turn, in the Lyman-Kupiansk direction, the enemy made five attacks in a day and fired at Ukrainian positions 522 times. He also made 16 air raids.

“During the repulsion of enemy attacks, 51 invaders were destroyed, and 117 were wounded. Two T-80 tanks were destroyed. IFV, two mortars, an anti-tank gun Rapier, two unmanned systems Orlan and eight loitering ammunition were destroyed,” Cherevaty said.

According to him, the increased number of enemy losses in a report of the General Staff is due to the fact that the enemy is trying to be more active in some areas and is becoming more vulnerable to hits by Ukrainian forces.



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