Some IDPs may submit repeated applications for benefits: who can do it and how

Some IDPs may submit repeated applications for benefits: who can do it and how

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Internally displaced persons who tried to apply for cash assistance through Diya before April 30, but did not receive it, can submit a second application for payments.

The press service of the Ministry of Reintegration reminds about this.

IDP payments: the Ministry of Statistics assured that all applications from “Diya” will be processed and people will receive moneyIDP payments. Those who applied through Diya and did not receive money will receive it later. Now they are processing the remaining part of the applications.
July 26, 2022, 12:43 p.m

Immigrants can either personally apply to the social security authority, or send a new application by mail.

“The social security authorities are obliged to accept this repeated application from the person and consider it – even if the person cannot now confirm the submission of the first application by April 30”the message says.

Assistance must be assigned within 10 days from the moment the social protection authority receives the repeated application.

You can submit such an application until October 1, 2022.

Payments for IDPs.  If the money did not come through Diya, then you can submit a new application until October. size image (opens in a new window)

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk reminded that in order to register IDPs, registration of the place of residence from where the transfer takes place is not mandatory. There are many ways to confirm your residence in the regions where hostilities are ongoing or on the TOT, and social security authorities do not have the right to refuse to consider applications.

As a reminder, residents of Crimea can also count on IDP payments if they leave the peninsula.

Earlier, Vereshchuk told what to do to those immigrants who did not receive help.

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