South Korea raised combat drones over North Korea

South Korea raised combat drones over North Korea

This is reported by the agency Bloomberg with reference to official information sources in Seoul.

The publication claims that this is an unprecedented military step.

The drone launches, in response to North Korea’s actions that caused a temporary grounding of flights at major airports near Seoul the day before, came as Kim Jong Un convened a major political meeting to determine security and economic policies for the coming year.

The reaction from the DPRK has not yet been reported.

  • As you know, North Korean drones crossed the border with South Korea without permission on Monday, December 26. In response, South Korea raised fighter jets, helicopters, and also used other means to eliminate them. Due to the detection of drones, civilian flights were also temporarily suspended. Before that, on December 23, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles towards its eastern waters.

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