Soviet stars on a mass grave were dismantled in Svitlovodsk, Kirovohrad Oblast


Svitlovodsk city territorial community informs about this facebook.

They noted that the city is gradually getting rid of Soviet ideology. In particular, 28 signs of Soviet stars, which were placed on the fence of the mass grave of Soviet soldiers, were dismantled. This is happening at the request of the law of Ukraine “On the condemnation of the communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”.

“Back in April 2015, the process of decommunization was legalized in Ukraine, which was approved by the Verkhovna Rada with a package of laws. According to them, all Soviet names must be changed without fail, symbols must be dismantled,” – reminded the Svitlovodsk city territorial community.

  • Earlier in Kyiv, elements of the Soviet obelisk “Hero City Kyiv” on Halytskyi Square were dismantled. In particular, the stars on the sides and the annotation board in Russian were removed. The obelisk is included in the preliminary list of memorial objects related to the history and culture of Russia and the USSR.



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