Spartz links accusations against Yermak to control over Ukraine's use of US aid - Ukraine news, Politics

Spartz links accusations against Yermak to control over Ukraine’s use of US aid – Ukraine news, Politics

Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz Tied Her Charges Against the Head of the Office of the President Andrey Yermak with the fact that the US Congress allegedly doubts that American aid reaches the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She even stated that American weapons allegedly could end up in Russia or Syria. Spartz said this in an interview. European truth.

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“I’ll be honest with you that both Republicans and Democrats are very concerned: how will we do supervision if we spend so much money in Ukraine? That is, the problem I’m talking about exists at a bipartisan level! And you need to solve it ! Or if you can’t solve it, then your president should not be offended when he communicates with the West,” the congresswoman said.

On July 10, another Democratic congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur, co-chair of the Congressional Support for Ukraine Caucus, recalled that Ukraine is fighting for the survival of the state and people, and “those who spread wild narratives aimed at undermining Ukrainian officials during the war are recklessly help Putin and his propagandists.”

When asked if the problem is specifically in Yermak or in the procedure for controlling the spending of funds, Spartz replied: “The problem is not Yermak. There are problems in your country that are not being solved. And when I ask why they are not being solved, our people tell me, because of Yermak. That’s why it rose.”

Spartz believes that Ukraine “does not prepare for war, does not do the right things.”

As an example, she cited the fact that, according to her information, someone in the President’s Office allegedly ordered to “take away” all local budgets, “so the cities cannot defend themselves, they cannot do what is necessary for defense.”

In response to the journalist’s remark that in Ukraine, it is not the local authorities that are engaged in defense, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and even theterodefense is part of them, Spartz said: “I understand, but the cities too.”

She said it was important to her “that what we supply to you goes where it’s needed and your military gets it.” Spartz said she wasn’t sure right now.

“I won’t go into details because if I say that, Russia will make such propaganda that you will get in trouble,” she said.

At the same time, the representative of the Congress noted that Bankova allegedly did not agree with her initiative to establish a supervisory system. “I told Kyiv what I want to see, but your side did not agree with this. And the last time I arrived, they were even against my meeting,” she said.

According to Spartz, the US does not know what happens to their weapons when they cross the border.

The journalist asked a clarifying question, does Spartz think that American weapons could go not to the front, but to other countries. “We don’t know, but it could be! Maybe that’s the problem. It could be in Syria, it could be in Russia,” the congresswoman replied.

REFERENCE. On July 9, Republican Party member Spartz publicly addressed the President of the United States Biden with the demand to “check Yermak for ties with Russia.” The appeal contains accusations of sabotaging the Bank’s anti-corruption reform. She also criticizes the President Zelensky that he did not put the country on a war footing. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Spartz “to stop trying to earn political capital on baseless speculations around the topic of war in our country and the grief of Ukrainians.” The scandal has divided Ukrainians into those who support her call, especially in terms of testing a possible sabotage of SAP/NABUand who says that now there is a war to preserve Ukraine in general, and such incidents play into the hands of the enemy, who seeks to destabilize the monolithic resistance of the people.

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