Stoltenberg: From the “second army in the world” the Ukrainian Armed Forces became the “second army in Ukraine” – Ukrainian news, Politics


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg responded to skeptics who consider the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “too slow”, that military decisions are made not in Brussels, but at the front. He said this in a speech to members of the European Parliament, Euronews reports.

Stoltenberg said that military decisions should not be made in Brussels (where the headquarters of NATO and the EU are located), but by Ukrainian commanders who are fighting “on the ground,” and called on critics to respect the results shown by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“We should remember where it all began: if previously the Russian army was considered the second most powerful in the world, now it has become the second most powerful in Ukraine. And this is very impressive,” said the NATO Secretary General.

Earlier it was reported that Stoltenberg described the situation at the front as “difficult battles”, thanks to which the Ukrainian Armed Forces were able to break through the defensive lines of the Russian troops and they are moving forward.

  • On August 4, 2023, the Ministry of Defense reported that in the south, where the offensive operation of Ukrainian troops is underway, the Defense Forces have broken through the first line of defense in some places and are now facing certain difficulties in the next, intermediate one.
  • The other day, General Tarnavsky, in an interview with The Guardian, said that the Russians spent 60% of their time and resources on building the first line of defense and only 20% each on the second and third.
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces: The second line of defense of the Russian Federation in the south is also quite powerful. But not such strong trenches.

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