Strips, minefields and popping mines: what sappers find in Kozachia Lopan |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Strips, minefields and popping mines: what sappers find in Kozachia Lopan | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Demining of liberated villages in Kharkiv region continues. A group of sappers of the National Guard is working in the direction of Kozachoa Lopan. When leaving, the occupiers mined everything around. Many explosive objects are found in their positions and next to the destroyed equipment.

Dmytro, sapper of NSU

As a rule, there may be unexploded shells near such equipment. The basis of our task is the detection of explosive and technical means and their subsequent disposal, so that it does not harm any of the people.

Surveying mined areas is a slow and painstaking process. The work requires maximum attention. Sappers have been working in the Kozachai Lopan area for about a month.

“Elf”, deputy com. demining group of NSU

More than 3 dozen anti-vehicle ammunition, a dozen anti-personnel, petal mines, OZM – a mine that jumps a meter and leaves nothing alive around it within a radius of 25 meters. You have to carefully examine everything, constantly pierce the ground with a probe.

The device for finding explosives may not react – the attackers use plastic mines that the device does not see. Therefore, one can only hope for one’s own attentiveness.

“Trotyl”, com. group of NSU sappers

Due to the fact that it is plastic, it is difficult to detect, we find them with a probe, because. You can’t find everything with a metal detector. You have to look under your feet. The Russians also use booby traps, make all sorts of surprises, tricks to complicate the work of the sapper. Maybe a replacement grenade, maybe a mine, maybe standard engineering ammunition ML8, MS3. They use different ones. There may be stretch marks, there are minefields, they combine anti-tank mines with anti-personnel mines. I already had losses in the group because of this. On the same mine, he bounces, then explodes.

In those villages where the sappers have already finished their work, people are trying to save at least something from the destroyed houses. Patients’ cards must be removed from the premises of the Prudyansk Outpatient Clinic.

Svitlana Shevchenko, social worker

The dispensary was good, renovated. There was a pharmacy here, everything was broken. And here is the registry office. All people’s cards, everything is in place, nothing was taken out. I took the initiative, now I will take out at least a few cards. We had 2 family doctors here, a dentist, a gynecologist came. Here manipulation, droppers were placed, they helped as much as they could. When our soldiers entered the village to free Tsupovka, the orcs also began to work on us. The first flights arrived on March 30.

First of all, sappers demine roads and infrastructure facilities to give repairmen the opportunity to work and restore gas and electricity supplies. In general, the area of ​​contamination of Kharkiv region by explosive objects is estimated at approximately 12 thousand square meters. km

Strips, minefields and popping mines: what sappers find in Kozachia Lopan 5

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