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The final declaration of the G20 summit, which disappointed Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, actually contains “a set of consistent paragraphs” regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, said Jake Sullivan, the US president’s national security adviser. Writes about this Financial Times.

“In our view, she defends very well the principle that states cannot use force to seize territory, that the use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, that a just peace must be based on the principles of the UN charter,” Sullivan said.

In his opinion, the declaration was a “vote of confidence” that the G20 is capable of uniting to resolve difficult issues that strongly divide some members of the organization from others.

Before the G20 summit, Sullivan publicly warned that reaching consensus on a joint statement on Ukraine would be difficult, but the United States and partners clearly defend a view of the war as illegal Russian aggression.

Another unnamed Western official told the newspaper that removing criticism of Russia from the declaration allowed the G20 to reach agreement on other issues, such as the need to resume free exports of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.

“We had two options – with or without text. I believe that the correct answer is with text. Thus, the platform [G20] and the organization remain viable,” he said.

  • On September 9, G20 members adopted a joint declaration following the summit in India: it calls for compliance with the principles of international law, in particular the territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries, and also notes the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons.
  • However, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated that the organization “has nothing to be proud of” in terms of the G20 communiqué on Russian aggression against Ukraine. The speaker of the ministry, Sergei Nikolov, showed what, in Ukraine’s opinion, these points should look like. For example, he corrected the phrase “war in Ukraine” to “war against Ukraine,” and “Ukrainian crisis” to “Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.”
  • The previous G20 declaration in Indonesia in November 2022 spoke about the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

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