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Many companies in Ukraine need natural gas to operate normally. For example, some industrial enterprises use this resource for production and technological processes. If it is not there, downtime may occur with unpleasant consequences. But even if you do not have large production facilities, the supply of gas to boiler rooms will guarantee high-quality heating in winter, on which the comfort, health, and productivity of personnel to a certain extent depend.

Find your approach to energy supply

It is difficult to overestimate the role that the gas supplier plays for business here too There are great prospects for you. The link will take you to the TEPLA company website. It cooperates with large traders, electricity and gas production enterprises. Its transmission capacities are equipped with reliable equipment and this allows it to provide its Consumers with natural gas under any conditions, which guarantees energy security for them.

During the period of its activity, the company became one of the largest Ukrainian suppliers of natural gas for business. Its clients include enterprises throughout the territory free from occupation. The list of TEPLA consumers includes about 500 companies, including iconic brands for Ukraine:

  • “Cheese Club”;
  • “Obolon”;
  • “Heather”;
  • “Silpo”, etc.

But don’t let the big names scare you! Even if you have just started your business, working as a private entrepreneur, there will also be offers for you.

One of the main approaches of TEPLA is loyal conditions for its customers, since it is very important that enterprises that have entered into a supply agreement with the company do not look for other suppliers.

Comfortable and favorable working conditions

Any business entity planning cooperation with natural gas suppliers is naturally interested in the price. However, if the price lists are disclosed for the population, the situation is different for businesses. You won’t see the price of blue fuel in TEPLA’s offers either, for which there are objective reasons. The fact is that natural gas is a specific resource. The cost of 1 cubic meter is extremely sensitive to events on the world market. Its fluctuations are so noticeable that its indicators change several times during the day.

Supplying enterprises with gas: secrets of a reliable supplier ® 9

To solve this problem, a conversation is held with each potential Consumer before concluding a Supply Agreement. In the course of it it turns out:

  • scale of the enterprise, presence and number of structural divisions;
  • business specifics;
  • required volumes of resource;
  • dynamics of consumption and so on, right down to solvency.

The purpose of such discussions is so that the TEPLA manager can understand what conditions to offer to a potential client. This includes the price, which is calculated individually and is fixed in the contract. In addition to this, the following are reflected:

  • settlement terms;
  • liability of the parties;
  • reconciliation procedure;
  • responsibility for imbalances, if any;
  • declared volumes of resources, etc.

In the context of the last point, we note that it is imperative to provide an algorithm for changing the planned quantities of natural gas. Such a need may arise in one or another production situation. It is provided for by the Rules for the supply of natural gas in Ukraine at the legislative level. It is the latter that TEPLA focuses on. At the same time, the company’s team is extremely interested in ensuring that the consumer is satisfied with each point of cooperation, and does not consider other suppliers as partners.

The application is filled out on the website. Leave your phone. A manager will contact you to discuss further actions. He will support you 24/7 in resolving work issues.

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