Surkis reacted to the demand to release Lucescu from Dynamo

Surkis reacted to the demand to release Lucescu from Dynamo

It is reported FanDay.

In this way, Surkis reacted to the dissatisfaction of the fans with the work of the Romanian coach in “Dynamo”, which after nine rounds of the championship of Ukraine occupies the eighth place in the tournament table.

“Lucescu’s contract doesn’t have any options if I fire him or he leaves on his own. We have a contract built on gentleman’s terms. Lucescu can leave at any minute, but he can’t leave without a winner. Trust me, if Lucescu leaves with ” “Dynamo” is only a winner. He does everything right. You don’t need to hang all the dogs on the coach. God grant that all young coaches work like him. Lucescu thinks about football 24 hours a day,” said Surkis.

He also denied rumors that the 77-year-old Romanian could be replaced as head coach by Ihor Kostiuk, who leads the Dynamo U19 youth team.

“This is not true. Lucescu will work with “Dynamo” as long as he can, or if he says that he will not be able to give anything more to this team. A short break is needed and he will return the team to its former level. I am sure of this! We have in Ukraine there are few coaches who can work like Mircha,” Surkis is convinced.

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